Anchored Arrows Leggings - Fleece-Lined Compression

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These full length leggings fit a bit tighter than the (original) triple-brushed Anchored Arrows leggings because they are compression fit. You should still order your original Anchored Arrows size or you can size up one if you wish (I size up because I'm tall). They continue to be soft and smooth, but feel a touch more like nylon (slicker) on the outside. Inside, there's a thin layer of super soft elastane fleece to keep you cozy. This legging features side pockets. They still have the nice high waistband of the other Anchored Arrows (but due to the compression fabric they don't pull up quite as high as the original.) Unlike some other brands of fleece-lined leggings, these don't bunch, gather and wrinkle behind the knees. Made of 75% polyester and 25% fleeced elastane. Size chart in photos.